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The Duchess with an Empty Soul

The Duchess with an Empty Soul

Alternative : The Duchess’ Empty Shell ,The Empty Shelled Duchess ,빈껍데기 공작부인

Authors: Han Jin-Seo, Jin Se-Ha

Status: Ongoing

Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Historical, Romance, Shoujo, Webtoons

I died miserably, on the day I found out the truth. The truth, that my fiance had a hidden lover and it was my very own cousin.<br><br>On the second morning, after my 20th birthday, a miracle happened. From that point on, I decided not to believe in love anymore.<br><br>I wan... Read More »t to have a relationship with no strings attached and without any superficial feelings such as love.<br><br>"Duke Agentine, will you marry me?"<br><br>This proposal was nothing more than a marriage to keep up appearances and without love involved.

Chapter Views Uploaded
Chapter 12 4 9 hrs ago
Chapter 11 3 13 hrs ago
Chapter 10 7 3 days ago
Chapter 9 4 3 days ago
Chapter 8 4 3 days ago
Chapter 7 4 4 days ago
Chapter 6 29 5 days ago
Chapter 5 14 5 days ago
Chapter 4 9 Jan 11, 2020
Chapter 3 14 Just Now
Chapter 2 16 Dec 6, 2019
Chapter 1 22 Just Now