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Takayukashiki Shoujo

Takayukashiki Shoujo

Alternative : 高床式少女

Authors: Takigawa Izumi, Shiozaki Yuji

Status: Completed

Genre: Comedy, Ecchi, Romance, Sci fi, Seinen, Supernatural

Kamiwazumi Jun lives alone in an old house with a shrine. As a result, people sometimes leave random things outside his house, like kittens... or an unconscious naked girl?! The woman in question claims to be a robot from the future who has come back in time to protect Jun, the future messiah. She h... Read More »as no qualms about nudity, and retrieves useful objects from a "9th dimensional pocket" between her legs. Once Jun has accepted that her story must be true, he also has to figure out how to work a sexy robot girl into his everyday life, which also includes explaining her to a cute childhood friend that has a crush on him.

Chapter Views Uploaded
Chapter 11 826 4 days ago
Chapter 10 1139 Dec 4, 2019
Chapter 9 691 Dec 1, 2019
Chapter 8 982 Just Now
Chapter 7 1283 Nov 24, 2019
Chapter 6 700 Apr 18, 2019
Chapter 5 712 Mar 23, 2019
Chapter 4 854 Mar 15, 2019
Chapter 3 948 Mar 1, 2019
Chapter 2 1263 Feb 27, 2019
Chapter 1 1995 Feb 27, 2019