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Realist Maou Niyoru Seiiki Naki Isekai Kaikaku

Realist Maou Niyoru Seiiki Naki Isekai Kaikaku


Authors: Haneda Atsushi

Status: Ongoing

Genre: Action, Drama, Fantasy

In a dilapidated castle, Astaroth awoke as a Demon King. With his ‘wisdom from his past life,’ he would rule over his lands as a thorough ‘realist.’ “Demon King, why are you attacking the level 1 Heroes?” “Defeat them before they become stronger. That is ca... Read More »lled strategy.” “Demon King, why are you sending fake money to the enemy country?” “To bring chaos to their economy so they will self-destruct.” “The werewolf troops have attacked. Should we use silver bullets?” “Not bullets, shoot them with canons.” And like that, Astaroth ‘reformed’ the old tendencies. He became a lord who was loved by the people and his subordinates, and he would go on to be called the most powerful Demon King in history.

Chapter Views Uploaded
Chapter 9 289 Dec 1, 2019
Chapter 8 276 Nov 10, 2019
Chapter 7 150 Oct 27, 2019
Chapter 6 152 Oct 8, 2019
Chapter 5 161 Sep 27, 2019
Chapter 4 158 Sep 12, 2019
Chapter 3 177 Jul 18, 2019
Chapter 2.3 146 Jun 17, 2019
Chapter 2.2 146 May 15, 2019
Chapter 2.1 167 May 11, 2019
Chapter 1 332 May 1, 2019