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Do You like Drinking Alcochol with Beautiful Woman?

Do You like Drinking Alcochol with Beautiful Woman?

Alternative : Kirei na Onee-san to Nomu Osake wa Suki desu ka?,綺麗なおねえさんと呑むお酒は好きですか?,Do You Like Drinking Alcohol with a Beautiful Woman?

Authors: Minami Izumi

Status: Ongoing

Genre: Comedy, Romance, Seinen, Slice of life

By chance, ordinary salaryman Hiyoshi ends up becoming drinking buddy to his admired senpai from work, Tsukizawa-san. However, all the drinkeres that Tsukizawa-san brings him to are weird places...!? An adult love comedy featuring drinking spots that exist in real life!<br>

Chapter Views Uploaded
Chapter 4 : Vowz Bar 3556 Mar 5, 2020
Chapter 3 : Nakame Takkyuu Lounge 880 Dec 12, 2019
Chapter 2 : Kagaya 1049 Nov 26, 2019
Chapter 1 : TWILLO 1624 Nov 23, 2019