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Destined to Be Eaten Within a Year By the Predacious Heroine

Destined to Be Eaten Within a Year By the Predacious Heroine

Alternative : Hoshoku-kei heroine ni ato ichi-nen inai ni taberaremasu,捕食系ヒロインにあと1年以内に食べられます

Authors: Suu Morishita

Status: Ongoing

Genre: Comedy, Romance, Shounen, Slice of life

"I love you, that's why I will eat you, yes."<br>The one who appeared in front of Ano Taiyou introduced herself as Kagen, a girl who came from the moon!<br>Staying true to her instincts as a tsuki-jin, Kagen's reason for meeting her first love, Taiyou-kun, was... In ord... Read More »er to prey upon him?!<br>This is the start of a "Predacious" Slice-of-Life Rom-Com!

Chapter Views Uploaded
Chapter 8.2 2 1 day ago
Chapter 8.1 : taste.8 3 1 day ago
Chapter 7 : taste.7 95 Feb 13, 2020
Chapter 6 : taste.6 32 Feb 13, 2020
Chapter 5 : taste.5 30 Feb 7, 2020
Chapter 4 : taste.4 32 Feb 3, 2020
Chapter 3.5 : Special Chapter 36 Just Now
Chapter 3 : taste.3 38 Jan 28, 2020
Chapter 2 : taste.2 46 Jan 26, 2020
Chapter 1 78 Nov 2, 2019